Revolucni 246
CZ 25064 Mesice



    ESET V4 Cup is a championship for touring cars and single seaters within the FIA Central European Zone. The ESET V4 Cup offers great racing on great race tracks! We promote the Central European circuit racing and improvecoverage trough our strong media partners. Kalender 2019: 24.4. Hungaroring, 19.5. RedBullRing, 28.7. Grobnik, 25.8 SlovakiaRing, 6.10. Hungaroring. Raceformat: 2x sprint and/or 60 min endurance races. GT3, GTC, TCR, F3, FR-2.0, F4, Renault Twingo Cup, Renault Clio Cup III/IV, Chevrolet Cruze Cup.