It’s Showtime!

The ESSEN MOTOR SHOW is not just a motor show. It is the PS festival. Not only are there lots of great cars to see, our visitors can also expect a programme of special shows, the tuningXperience with around 100 privately tuned cars and numerous motorsport highlights. A lot of action awaits you in the Event Arena.

Only at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW will you be able to experience so many well-known personalities such as Mareike Fox, Philipp Kaes, JP Kraemer, the Red Bull Driftbrothers and other stars of the motorsport and tuning scene, celebrities from football, shows and films up close and live.

Battle Kart

A chance to put your racing skills to the test at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW. Compete against 11 other players in the "BattleRace" game and see who comes in first in the race. Modern technology and the numerous beamers projecting the game world onto the floor of Hall 4 will bring nostalgia and take you drivers back to the video game era of the 90s. Various items such as rockets, oil barrels or turbos ensure that you can easily leave your opponents behind.

Participation costs 10 € per player (cash or EC card) and is strictly prohibited for alcoholised players.

What you have otherwise only experienced on the screen will now become a tangible reality!


Raceroom - Home of virtual Motorsports

Every day you can experience the fascination of motorsport for yourself on 12 high-end competition podium simulators. Show what you've got in front of spectators in one of 4 live races. The top 12 drivers in each live ranking qualify. The races at 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:30 each day will be held in Hall 4 with alternating real motorsport content.

There is guaranteed to be something for everyone! Qualify for races with touring cars, GT4 and GT3 racing cars and formula cars.

You can also test various racing simulators from the beginner's rig to the 3Motion simulator.

Bumper cars

All aboard please!

This year, the PS Festival offers visitors a real bumper car experience. You can get on and ride in Hall 4. An edgeless ramp offers wheelchair users and people with disabilities barrier-free access. Let yourself be thrilled in an atmosphere of good music and colourful LED poles on the vehicles. You need a chip for one round of driving fun. If you want to ride several rounds, you can save money:

  • 1 chip - 3 €
    3 chips - 7 €
    8 chips - 12 €
    12 chips - 15 €
    16 chips - 20 €

You can buy the chips at the cash desk in cash or with your EC card.