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Nissan to release Nissan 2017 GT-R

Nissan to release Nissan 2017 GT-R

The new GT-R features an exciting fresh look both inside and out, as well as major driving-performance enhancements and key new features - all of which represent the most significant changes made to the model since it was introduced in 2007.

The GT-R's legacy continues as the ultimate "GT" (Grand Tourer), armed with a comfortable ride, a high level of refinement and benchmark fit and finish; while its world-class high performance embodies the "R" in its name (Racing technology). Thus, its "multi performance" character allows the driver to enjoy the full depths of the GT-R's capabilities, whether navigating corners of a winding mountain road, simply cruising on the open highway or even running errands on neighborhood streets.


1. Design

Aggressive-exterior with enhanced aerodynamic performance
The new GT-R's exterior gets a complete makeover across the front end. The new chrome matte finish "V-motion" grille, with an updated mesh pattern, representing one of Nissan's latest design signatures - has been enlarged to provide better engine cooling, while the bumper sides were optimally reshaped to retain the car’s air drag and downforce. A new hood, which flows flawlessly from the grille, has been significantly reinforced, contributing to stability during high-speed driving. A freshly designed front spoiler lip and front bumpers with finishers situated immediately below the headlamps give the new GT-R the look of a pure-bred racecar, while generating high levels of front downforce.

The GT-R’s familiar wind-cutting shape defines its profile, but the side sills have been pushed out to help improve air flow. The rear of the car also received a thorough makeover. While the GT-R’s hallmark four-ring taillights remain, new bodywork helps improve air flow, as well as side air vents next to the quad exhaust tips. Also, the belt line that separates the lower black section from the body panel has been heightened to give the car a wider and more aggressive stance from the rear. These exterior changes don’t result just in a sportier-looking car, they create an aerodynamically efficient vehicle, but retaining the same amount of downforce and air drag as the current GT-R to keep the car stable at high speeds.

You can find the complete press release for this model in the NISSAN press archive .

Company profile

The Autohaus Brömmler is one of the few NISMO centers in Europe. We are selling Nissan and in particular the supersportscar Nissan GT-R. In addition to the Nissan brand, we also hold the complete service for Volkswagen in our company. Our subsidiary Broemmler-Motorsport specializes in the refinement of sports cars. Here customers will find next to optical tuning in front of all performance enhancements, which focus not only on the engine, but especially on the driving dynamics.

At our booth, we will be presenting a converted Nissan GT-R Clubsport with over 700hp engine power this year, the GT-R NISMO, the Nissan Navara in a special edition, the Micra Cup racing car and, as Germany's premiere, the new Nissan Micra N-Sport.