Fasty, ul. Skrajna 1
PL 15-694 Białystok
Mr. Konrad Kujawa

Company profile

Avisa is a manufacturer of carbon fiber accessories and steel rear bumper protectors and door sills. We believe that only well-made products and perfect service will meet expectations by a present-day client. We protect what is visible at a first car look – exterior styling. Thanks to our products a lacquer in the most exposed car parts will stay undamaged. Scratches and damages that occurred before the installation will now be covered by an exclusive part.

We desire to hold our ground in position as a leader so we focus on development of technologies that are used in our company. Moreover, we broaden our knowledge by participation of our staff in numerous trade fairs and courses. Every person that forms Avisa is aware of the importance of given duties. We hope that we will realize our vision together -the vision where there are shining cars without scratches decorated with stylish accessories.

Obligated by long-standing experience and tradition we create solutions of which the aim is an improvement of your car's look


Starting cooperation with our company is very easy and can be described in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Contact us via the form on the website or directly to the address or indicating the area of cooperation you are interested in.
Step 2 – In response, you will receive an individual offer from one of our sales representatives.
Step 3 – Place your first order with the assistance of your personal sales representative. 


You can read more about us on our web