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DE 41460 NEUSS
Mr. JP Paulussen

Company profile

The BERADINO-Project - Italian DESIGN and German Engineering - made in Germany.
The Car - coming from a Dream ... made for Emotions : A real DREAMCAR !
A single Copy, of course, but the BERADINO has a long range of special features.
However, people score 2 of them the greatest :
Really outstanding regarding the construction:  The TRIPLE BODY DESIGN - No other automobile ever built worldwide can run in 3 versions !
Absolutely outstanding, too, regarding the complete work on the long way to this result :  The BERADINO is a ONE MAN PROJECT ,  DESIGN and the full craftsmanship - one-stop.

The builder's vision was reality with the BERADINO.
When people get to know that he realized his dream of an own dreamcar, they say:
> This BERADINO could be MY Dreamcar, too ! <
And this question follows immediately :
> Do you think about a series production ? <
Of course, he does ! – And he did so a long time before people started keeping on and on.
And exactly, people have the efficient key of success:
> Please, don't stop dreaming ! <
The builder is a real automotive engineer - Of course, he doesn't !

And now, a New One ? ... with forward looking Technology ?
Of course, this is the builder's actual vision.
But sorry, his possibilities don't let it happen ...
The reason, why he is looking for someone infected with the BERADINO ... who will now begin dreaming ... like the builder did many years ago ...
Finally,  ... he / she will completely adopt the NEW BERADINO Project ...
... to live his / her dream with the new one ...

Now the complete BERADINO Project is FOR SALE !
Especially the CAR, the BRAND ... and the VISION of a New One.

I would like to see YOU at booth 1C44 to discuss BERADINO's potential supporting YOUR Vision ... Let us find possibilities to shape YOUR DREAM !