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Products and innovations

OEM Steering wheel spacer

OEM Steering wheel spacer

A new mechanical device that brings the OEM steering wheel 5 cm closer to the driver, adding stroke to the existing depth regulation of the OEM steering wheel.

This leads to a completely new driving position which boost both the steering feel and the driving position comfort. The car feels like a different car, more roomy inside and with better driving handling.

The spacer mantains active the steering wheel buttons, the airbag and the paddleshifters if available. 

It's a new product, invented by Spacershop, to gain the advantage of the aftermarket dished steering wheel, but retaining the OEM steering wheel.

A true boss kit 2.0


Better room, OEM look, perfect integration with the dashboard.
Photographer: Spacershop
Knee on dash OEM driving style.
Photographer: Spacershop
New driving position with the steering wheel spacer fitted. Better room for the legs, better action on the pedals, no pains, with gains.
Photographer: Spacershop
OEM awkward driving position. Too close to the steering wheel knees hits the dashboard
Photographer: Spacershop
Product range

Camber plates

Camber plates

Designed directly from our racing and street driven cars

  • better load distribution
  • strong materials
  • precise desing and machining
  • long lasting
  • high camber gain and adjustability
  • 3D printing prototyping for fitment test prior definitive production
Product range

Turbofan wheels

Turbofan wheels

Boost the brake cooling with our bladed wheel covers.

They use the wheel rotation at speed to boost the air flow centrifugation and pull out more hot air from the brakes under heavy load on track.

Custom made to match the rim shape and offset.

Terribly effective.

Product range

Paddleshifter assembly

Paddleshifter assembly

CNC machined paddleshifter assembly, designed to improve the shifting feel and the aesthetic impact of the interior.

  • Fully anodized aluminium,
  • 2 way adjustable paddles position, 
  • Fully matchable with OEM electronic system thanks to OEM matching connectors declined for any car
  • Compatible with all aftermarket steering wheels and hubs
  • Available for OEM steering wheel with airbag too, to improve the OEM shifting feel.
  • Customizable.

Company profile

Spacershop is an Italian company born to maximize the driving pleasure.

The founder is an engineer, a racing driver and a true enthusiast. He invented the steering wheel spacer for his own car a couple of years ago, to pull out all its driving pleasure potential, and a couple of years later this become the core business and the mission of his company, born to manufacture steering wheel spacers for the OEM steering wheels.

The experience in track driving and the passion to design new products feeds the growth of our catalogue: we add paddleshifter assemblies and camber plates, and we become resellers for selected brands which we used on our own race car: OsGiken, Liteblox, Wagner Tuning and Supersprint.