Plauensche Str. 120
DE 07907 Schleiz
Mr. Robert Redlich

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Edelweiss Customs

operates with the purchase & selling of oldtimers every kind - Motorbikes, Cars and more.

It doesn't matter in which condition, or what brand of manufacturer, the vehicles are. This diversity makes the charm for us.



We want to share the passion of old vehicles with everyone - Make them a part of our journey into the past.

The history of the vehicles, makes them special. They are time testifies of long gone days.

Edelweiss Customs tries to breath life into cars/motorbikes that are forgotten. We want to bring the lost beauty back to daylight and get this process close to everyone.


Quality, passion, communication, and fairness, honesty and the special touch - that`s what we stand for.

Robert Redlich, owner 

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