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Mr. Dirk Ochmann
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Company profile

Since the company’s founding in 1983, it has focused solely on the tuning of BMW cars and the production of exclusive, handcrafted vehicles. 

G-POWER is now one of the few globally active and highly reputable suppliers of exclusive cars.

G-POWER has developed unique versions of BMW’s most important models, and the world's most powerful versions of each, which clearly sets us apart from our competitors. G-POWER holds seven world records:

  • Fastest BMW sedan with 730hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE and a top speed of 360 km/h

  • Fastest LPG-powered car with the 660hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE GS and a top speed of 333 km/h

  • Fastest Sedan with the 750hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS on the ATP high-speed oval in Papenburg with a measured top   speed of 367.4 km/h.  G-POWER exceeded its own record with the 800hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR with a top speed of 372   km/h

  • Fastest 4-seater coupe with the 750 hp G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS and a top speed of 370 km/h

  • Fastest station waggon with the 820 hp G-POWER M5 Touring   HURRICANE RR and a top speed of over 362 km/h (governed)

  • Fastest BMW 1 Series with the 600hp G1 V8 HURRICANE RS and a top speed of over 330 km/h

  • Fastest BMW M3 V8 with the 610hp G-POWER M3 SK IICS  and a top speed of over 337 km/h