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Save CO2 with your own electric car and turn it into money with the GHG quota

Save CO2 with your own electric car and turn it into money with the GHG quota

Next eShare.one & carbonify present cooperation on the occasion of the "Essen Motor Show".

Essen, November 23rd, 2021 - From January 2022, owners of electric cars can benefit from saved CO2 emissions and have a so-called greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota) credited and paid out annually. Little is known about the possibilities for private owners to participate in this model. That should change. To this end, carbonify will in future be working with the well-networked Dortmund e-car pioneers from Next eShare.one.

Owners of electric vehicles do not have to do much to participate in this trading system. The front and back of the vehicle registration document are uploaded via smartphone via "https://www.carbonify.eu/?ref=eshareone". carbonify registers the legally stipulated quota for electric car electricity for every e-car, bundles the associated savings with those of other car owners and takes care of submitting the applications to the Federal Environment Agency, where they are recognized as a tradable "GHG quota". The greenhouse gas quota (GHG quota) is a legally regulated instrument for reducing greenhouse gases in the transport sector.

Company profile

Next eShare.one is a pionier and mobility service provider for companies, municipalities, energy providers, the housing industry and local public transport. The company's focus is on shared mobility projects. eShare.one offers its customers eCarSharing platforms, converts vehicle fleets to electric vehicles and has been offering the latest and most powerful e-cars in stock since 2012. The services include fleet analyzes, the planning and construction of the perfect charging infrastructure and the provision of digital, intermodal mobility platforms, e.g. for eCarSharing, eBikes and public transport. eCarSharing has been offered since 1995, and since 2001 it has been part of the Flinkster network, the car sharing offer from DB connect GmbH. Through the federal project RUHRAUTOe, eShare was able to make an important contribution to the development of electromobility in the Ruhr area with the eAuto rental and test case.