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Powerdrop adhesives

PowerDrop adhesives are modified reactive adhesives (cyanoacrylates). They are applied in liquid form and, under suitable conditions, react to form solids (curing). The cured adhesive is a plastic. Depending on the material, the adhesive surfaces harden quickly. Smooth within a short time (glass, metal, plastic, rubber) - porous after just a few minutes (wood, leather, porcelain, ceramics, clay). Different materials can also be bonded without any problems. The gap filling capacity is maximum 0.25 millimetre For larger gap widths, PowerDrop fillers are recommended.

Application areas:
Its adhesion to most materials is excellent and its adhesive strength under shear and tensile stress is very good. PowerDrop adhesives are largely water, lye, oil, grease, UV, light, heat and cold resistant.

As a minimum requirement for surface treatment, is recommended: Oil, grease or other layers (old glue, rust) must be removed (with PowerDrop Remover). Apply a thin layer of PowerDrop to one side, press together, leave for a few seconds and then allow to harden for some time, depending on whether the surface is porous or smooth. This item may only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions/operating instructions. Read the manufacturer's instructions and observe the product or safety data sheet.

Company profile

PowerDrop industrial adhesives are high-performance industrial adhesives, power adhesives, quick-acting adhesives, 2-component epoxy adhesives of the best quality and with a long service life.


Our products are suitable for almost all material connections, especially for wood, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, porcelain, glass, art glass, ceramics, earthenware, stone, jewelry (pearls, shells, precious stones, ...) PMMA, rubber, paper, cardboard, PVC, horn, tarpaulins, leather soles, ABS, GRP, nylon, neoprene, Lexan and for almost all commercially available plastics. For difficult and complicated bonding, our additional products such as primer (PE, PP, silicone PTFE), Powerdrop filler have welded and strengthened deformed and heavily stressed workpieces (fills cracks, holes, bumps) or Powerdrop activator, the adhesive curing accelerator for absorbent or porous materials proven itself.

Whether hobbyist, model building, household, hobby, leisure, workshop or industry - the PowerDrop adhesive keeps what it promises! quality for many years.