Röntgenstr. 12
DE 57439 Attendorn

Company profile

RH – Two letters.
One character worldwide.

Only a few brands determine the roads and the drivers like RH do since a lot of years. With the power of its quality and innovations, with the joy and grand selection. And of course with its exciting design for exciting characters as well.

Small cars, middle-class, upper class or sports car – our designer see a challenge in every car, they work with passion and pursuit of perfection.

The result: rims suit perfectly to every car. Wheels are unique like their drivers.

RH Alurad is pioneer and outrider in one. Our design sets standards. Since many years we are on Germany’s streets and on tour worldwide. We face the desires and requirements in economy permanently. We impressed the car market and continue in future.

Show your personality by driving, allow yourself the best rims at your car, which are not exchangeable.

Life is a style with RH Alurad.