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FlowForged ZP5.1

"True Directional" FlowForged ZP5.1 ist ein konkaves, direktionales Rad welches sich durch ein extremes, durch fortschrittliche Technologien erreichtes, Leichtgewicht auszeichnet.

Speziell entwickelt für Fahrzeuge der VAG Gruppe. Stylisches, konkaves und direktionales Leichtgewicht mit speziellen gebürsteten Oberflächen.

Company profile

You know, those ideas that can change your entire existence and influence a generation of enthusiastic people? Well, the Z-Performance idea was one of those. As a fanatic for cars and tuning, Sly Zed was always seeking for the best that the market could offer.

After years of disappointment concerning quality, price and choice, he finally decided to create a better choice of his own, one that combines superior quality and competitive prices. The result was a new brand - Z-Performance Wheels, born in 2002, with the support and cooperation of an experienced team, with a track record of over 25 years of working experience in the car industry.

Ever since, Z-Performance has set standards in the aftermarket wheel industry by bringing new, evolutionary designs, stretching the concavity and raising quality standards, and connecting to the very heart of the European car nerds scene.

Our home is Wörthersee, our showground is Essen Motor Show, our summer is Monaco and Garda lake, our race is the Megarun, our connection to you is everpresent with omnipresent ties through good old Facebook and Youtube and ever closer through Instagram.

Today, Z-Performance offers a wide range of wheels for every car. Our cast wheels cover well the German producers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Opel and many other cars.

Through our FORGED wheels division we offer custom made wheels for any car model, custom made dimensions, offsets and finishes, we give your car an uncomparable look.

Last but not least, the real deal of tomorrow is the FLOWFORGE TILT CAST technology, which has been pioneering this year and is changing the industry. We offer LIGHT monoblock wheels in best quality at an uncomparable price.

To summarize, Z-Performance is perfectly tailored for our customers. Our long history and experience will assure their satisfaction, because we know that only together we can create value and make a difference.

Making our customers happy has become a kind of reason to live and a boost to move forward. You are invited to join the Z-Performance family, WE LOVE WHEELS.