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Company profile

The Stiftung KinderHerz is organisationally divided into two areas. The Stiftung KinderHerz Deutschland gGmbH is primarily responsible for the operational implementation of the funded projects. As the parent authority, the KinderHerz Foundation is largely responsible for communicative tasks. As a result, the KinderHerz International Foundation is also involved here, which involves networking national projects with children's heart centers from other countries.

Optimal treatment of children with heart disease

All our work is dominated by one maxim: We want every child with heart disease to be optimally treated in highly specialized children's heart competence centers. With the support of many regional children's heart centers, we work for this great goal.


Nationwide networking of clinics

Only through communication and exchange can each child heart center - and thus each heart child - benefit from the competence and strength of the other. Even scientific research projects lead to faster success. And: Thanks to this principle, donations can have their greatest effect simultaneously at several centers.

Sustainable research projects

The life chances and the quality of life of children with heart disease will only be improved by innovative medical care. Therefore, we invest donations in the purchase of state-of-the-art hospital technology. Above all, we promote innovative projects with sustainable future prospects.


The KinderHerz Foundation as an intermediary

The Stiftung KinderHerz wants to be the lobbyist, spokesman and mediator of those affected. Through targeted actions, we therefore clarify the frequency of often complicated heart defects in children. In doing so, we work together with companies and prominent helpers, through which we reach an even wider public. Together, we draw attention to the great opportunities that new solutions in pediatric cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiology offer to the little patients and their families.

An important task is to bring medicine and business together. Due to tight public budgets, entrepreneurial commitment to medical progress is indispensable. Together we form a nationwide supporter network.

The Stiftung KinderHerz pursues the goal of promoting a continuous exchange between medicine and the research and manufacturing industry. Last but not least, this mediator function guarantees the greatest possible efficiency when using conveyors.


Research is the best medicine for children with heart disease.