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WHEELPROTECT: Wheel protection attachment for disassembly/assembly

WHEELPROTECT: Wheel protection attachment for disassembly/assembly

WHEELPROTECT is mounted as a “gentle attachment” on the corresponding rim in the respective hole circle and protects the surrounding material during assembly or disassembly, since direct contact between impact wrench/power nut and aluminium rim is prevented.

  • Prevents damage during disassembly of rims
  • Adjustable in all sizes from 5x98-160 (or 4x98-160)
  • Prevents scratches and similar damages
  • Suitable for almost all power plug nuts (without protective attachment)
  • Easy to use

Everyone knows it, and noone likes it. No matter whether vintage cars, sports cars or your own beloved vehicle, no one is spared the visual damage of classic wheel changes.
So far there was no perfect solution, and the already existing plug-in attachment for kernels does not allow scratch-free removal/installation due to wear and high rotation speed.

Wheelprotect was developed for this problem. The template is attached as a protective attachment to the respective rim before de-/installation. Wheelprotect ensures that there is no contact between the power nut and the rim and thus serves as “impact protection” against the rotation of the torque wrench or impact wrench.
Thus you can, for example, give your expensive accessories/original rim into the hands of the familiar fitter without any worries and hassles.


Company profile

We at Stricksner Automotive solve your everyday annoyances in the workshop. With more than 30 years of experience in the automotive service industry, we guarantee innovative solutions and their high quality. We develop problem solvers that support you in the workshop and make you work more efficiently.

Our newest product “WHEELPROTECT” is a world first and prevents contact between power nut and aluminium rim when disassembling/assembling aluminium rims. Thus, the known scratches within the hole circle can be prevented. All our products are manufactured from highly flexible quality plastics and meet the quality standards of “Made in Germany.”

The team of Stricksner Automotive will be pleased to present our products to you at this year’s fair. With us you also have the opportunity to try our product directly and let yourself be convinced of it.