Automotive works of art and studies

Automotive works of art and studies

A pop art work of art in the James Bond style, an exclusive sports car and an electric study inspired by one of the most famous scholars of all time: These will be just a few of the crazy cars and the design cars at this year's Essen Motor Show.

In addition to the offerings of more than 500 exhibitors, the performance festival will present automotive works of art and pioneering studies in Hall 3. The spectrum of models will range from pure fun vehicles to sophisticated designs for tomorrow's mobility.

Film lovers will look at this vehicle at least twice: The Leipzig pop art artist Michael Fischer will present a Rolls Royce in the James Bond look in Essen. The basis for Fischer's creation is a Silver Shadow II from 1978, at the time one of the absolute top models in the luxury class. With his striking comic-like painting style, Fischer created a crazy painting on four wheels that is ready to drive. The theme of the painting is the Goldfinger film from 1965. The stocky North Korean mercenary Oddjob is depicted on the trunk lid with a radioactive atomic case, just like the gold-covered Jill Masterson is immortalized on the side of the vehicle.

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