Convertibles from the Last 60 Years

Convertibles from the Last 60 Years

Sporty Convertibles will be the title of an exclusive special show at this year's Essen Motor Show performance festival at Messe Essen. Over 15 high-class "topless" vehicles from the last 60 years will be presented in Hall 3.

The "oldest" model in the special show will be the Mercedes 190 SL from 1956 and the "youngest" the latest Chevrolet Corvette. With a 1.9-litre engine, 105 bhp and a top speed of 170 km/h at that time, the 190 SL was one of the quickest series cars which could be bought in Germany. These are values which are surpassed by today's "bread-and-butter" cars such as the VW Golf in the 1.0-litre version. Today, the latest Corvette comes along with 659 bhp and a top speed of 310 km/h. In 1956, it had 300 bhp and managed just over 200 km/h.

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