Automotive industry looks forward to the restart of the Essen Motor Show

Official registration deadline for exhibitors on July 30

Preparations for the Essen Motor Show are underway: From November 27 to December 5, 2021 (November 26: Preview Day), the performance festival of the year will take place at Messe Essen. After the last run had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, the anticipation in the industry and scene is now all the greater. Until the official registration deadline on July 30, exhibitors can still register and lay the foundation for a successful coming business year. The registration documents are available online at www.essen-motorshow.de. Numerous well-known exhibitors took advantage of the opportunity early on and booked one of the booth spaces.

These include, for example, H&R Spezialfedern, Mercedes FanWorld, Osram, RONAL and SKODA, as well as the lifestyle brands Arlows, Foxed and null-bar. "In discussions with our customers, we find that the enthusiasm for trade shows and events is greater than it has been for a long time. The exhibitors and visitors are really looking forward to the Essen Motor Show. No other event transports the enthusiasm and emotions for the automobile so impressively," says Ralf Sawatzki, Project Manager of the Essen Motor Show.

Car enthusiastic and young target group

"We only really realized how important the EMS is for our business when it didn't take place last year. Something really went wrong. That's why I see not only myself but the entire industry as having a duty to get involved here. We need a strong EMS," demands JP Kraemer, founder and CEO of JP Performance. The EMS is also a must for SKODA: "For SKODA, the Essen Motor Show has been a fixed date in the annual event calendar for many years. It offers us the best opportunity to come into contact with fans and customers and to present to them not only the latest models but also particularly emotional moments of our brand," says Andreas Leue, Tradition & Projects Officer at SKODA AUTO Germany.

The motorsports industry has also had a home in Essen for many years. Numerous manufacturers, racing series, tracks and teams use the Essen Motor Show to maintain contact with their fans off the track as well. "As a manufacturer of performance, ergonomic seats and racing shells, the fascination for individual mobility is the core and drive of our daily work. The Essen Motor Show offers this fascination a home in my home town. The visitors are crazy for cars in the best sense of the word. Here, sports cars, tuning, motorsports and classic cars enter into a perfect symbiosis!", says Ulrich J. Severin, Managing Director and Vice President Europe at RECARO Automotive.

Attractive Business Environment for Exhibitors

Four pillars provide orientation at the Essen Motor Show: sports cars (Hall 3), tuning & lifestyle (Halls 5, 6, 7), motorsports (Hall 8) and classic cars (Halls 1, 2). In addition, there will be a shopping mile with accessories in the Galeria. "These four pillars have more than proven their worth in recent years. Of course, there are also overlaps in the range of exhibitors: for example, there are many companies that are equally at home in tuning and motorsports. Then we see together in which hall it fits best. The most important thing is that exhibitors can present themselves in an attractive environment," explains Sawatzki.

The visitors in particular contribute to this attractiveness: At the last Essen Motor Show, around 80 percent bought or ordered something. The date of the fair a few weeks before Christmas plays just as much a role as the area: Apart from Germany, the visitors mainly come to Essen from the Netherlands and Belgium, followed by Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and France. Quite a few of the visitors take a journey of more than 300 kilometers to inform themselves about new trends and products at the Essen Motor Show.