Essen Motor Show is Presenting the Diversity of the Tuning Styles

Particularly Rare Vehicles and Carbon are Trendy

The special show entitled tuningXperience is presenting nearly all varieties of tuning within the framework of the Essen Motor Show at Messe Essen from November 27 to December 5 (Preview Day: November 26). From daily drivers via racing cars right up to detail-mad high-end showcars, it is featuring just about everything that makes the hearts of the fans beat faster. After the scene had had to do without any major events for a long time, the Essen Motor Show is, for a lot of people, marking the long-desired return to personal contact with kindred spirits. In Hall 5, around 100 private vehicles are attracting the admiring looks of the visitors. This year, rare models are particularly popular.

Barkas B1000, Lada 2103, Polski Fiat 126p and VW Brasilia - even some bona-fide car connoisseurs must listen twice in the case of these model names. Now, these models only exist in small quantitites and, for that very reason, are in great demand on the tuning scene. Because anybody wanting to stand out from the masses likes to resort to a rare vehicle as the starting basis and then optimizes this even further. More well-known rarities such as (for example) Jaguar XJ40, Mercedes-Benz W108, Opel Calibra, Trabant 601 and VW Beetle are also being utilized in this respect. This year's tuningXperience is an ideal occasion in order to cast a glance at these vehicles and at other not exactly run-of-the-mill vehicles.

Brand-New, Extremely Sporty or Sustainable

A lot of tuners are also setting themselves apart with brand-new vehicles. In the tuningXperience, these include (for example) Audi A6 50 TDI, BMW M4 Competition, Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV and Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS "Weissach". These are being supplemented by very sporty models such as Audi R8, BMW M6 Competition, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Ferrari 348 GTS, Mercedes-Benz C63 "S" AMG and Porsche Cayman S. Moreover, sustainably driven vehicles are becoming ever more popular. In this regard, the eye-catchers in the tuningXperience include, above all, the two tuned versions of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S. Moreover, a Cupra Leon e‑hybrid is emphasizing that optical tuning is not a question of the drive.

"It is important to largely retain the original silhouette and lines in the case of rare vehicles. Understatement and an appearance which is not all that loud are the mottos for a lot of tuners. It is clear that we are also showing the brutal variants with widebody kits in a rough motorsports look. However, even in the case of bodykits, the bodywork upgrades are becoming more discreet in the meantime. Then, that features smaller, concealed parts such as spoiler lips, side sills and rear diffusors in which a lot of manufacturers have specialized in the meantime," Sven Schulz, organizer of the tuningXperience, describes the development towards a rather discreet look.

Carbon is the Material of the Hour

A lot of the installed parts are made of carbon, no matter whether interior parts, spoilers or mirror housings. The noble-looking material provides a particular charm which is well-known from motorsports and super sports cars. High-quality multi-part wheel rims whose finishes and sizes are individually adapted to the customer wishes are also popular - in conjunction with large and clearly visible sports braking systems, the ideal combination. These are often supplemented by airride suspensions or individually adjustable coilover suspensions with which the vehicle can be raised or lowered steplessly - frantic moments while driving into the underground car park are thus a thing of the past.

Of course, the tuningXperience also includes the common small cars and volume models from manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and Volkswagen. Amongst other vehicles, Acura NSX, Lexus RC‑F, Nissan Silvia S15, Subaru Impreza WRX and Toyota Supra are awaiting fans of import models. The American way of life is being celebrated (for example) by Cadillac DeVille Coupé, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Viper SRT‑10, Ford Mustang GT 550 and Lincoln Town Car.

Camping Boom is Reaching the Tuning Scene

Another trend is conquering the tuning scene slowly but surely: camping. Ever more people are enthusiastic about holidays in caravans, vans or tents. Not only several tuned vans but also, as a representative, a spectacularly tuned Audi A7 Competition with a roof tent are awaiting the visitors to the tuningXperience.