These Automobile Eye Catchers Cause a Stir

Amongst Other Vehicles, Essen Motor Show Presents a Porsche Made of Scrap Metal and a Super Truck

Since the Essen Motor Show started in 1968, it has featured unique vehicles which were crazy in the positive sense. That will also be the case during the 51st edition of the performance festival from December 1 to 9 (November 30: Preview Day). No matter whether one-off design cars, a Porsche made of scrap metal parts or a super Mercedes truck with two trailers - it will be possible to marvel at a "wild" mixture in Hall 3 at Messe Essen. It will show what automobile eye catchers, drivable or not, will provide no end of discussion topics.

For decades, the Swiss Frank Rinderknecht has surprised the visitors with idiosyncratic creations which had one thing in common, i.e. the question: What will driving look like in the future? For example, also in the case of the "Rinspeed Snap" study at the Essen Motor Show. It consists of two parts: the passenger compartment and the platform which can be separated. The "Skateboard" platform accommodates the complete technical and mechanical equipment. The passenger compartment with four seats, called a "pod", can be detached from this and used sensibly when it is stationary, e.g. for camping. Another advantage: The ageing-susceptible platform is easy to replace if necessary while the pod can be used for a longer period. The vehicle drives in a fully electric and autonomous mode.

Design Cars from Brabus, Rinspeed, Ruf and Zender

The RUF sports car manufactory from Pfaffenhofen, well-known as a Porsche specialist for 40 years, will show the new SCR 2018 in Essen. A prototype was introduced two years ago. It has been refined and is now being manufactured in a small series. The carbon fibre monocoque has been reinforced once again by the integrated tubular steel cage (IRC), pushrod wheel suspensions on all four wheels correspond to the chassis in Formula 1 and the six-cylinder engine with 510 bhp and a capacity of four litres works in the middle of it. In the roadworthy version, the new SCR weighs less than 1,300 kilogrammes; the bodywork made of a light, strong composite material also contributes to this: It is made of carbon fibre.

Zender's concept car which is called 500 Corsa Stradale and is based on the Fiat 500 will come to Essen. The look is defined by a complete aerodynamic kit made of carbon fibre laminate. The package includes a complete front module which combines the bonnet and the front apron into one component. A fully adjustable coilover suspension optimises the road holding. The turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine supplies 240 bhp. The top speed is specified at 232 km/h. The interior was upgraded with sports seats, stainless steel pedals, door sills made of stainless steel as well as a lot of leather in black and orange.

Brabus will also show a design car in Essen: The people from Bottrop will bring the BRABUS 700 4x42 special edition with them. There are only ten of the tuned off-roader worldwide.

Porsche GT3 RS Made of Scrap Metal

Life-size sculptures which are made of scrap metal and are accurate in every detail: Under the motto "Art Made of Scrap Metal or Used Car, Motorcycle and Truck Parts", the "Giants Made of Steel" team has been artistically welding handmade sculptures together for 15 years. Every sculpture is one of a kind. Just like the Porsche GT3 RS too which it will be possible to see in Essen. It weighs 1,300 kilogrammes. A three-man team worked on it for nearly four months and ground approx. 20,000 scrap metal parts. The seats are adjustable and the doors can be opened. A glove compartment is installed in the dashboard. Even the engine was reconstructed using scrap metal.

Behind the design cars and the Porsche made of metal parts, there will be a truck which looks like a showmobile. However, that is only half-true. Because the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2663 Lowrider not only wins titles at festivals but also ensures that its owner Mika Auvinen from Finland who runs a transport firm earns money every day. The violet eye catcher which weighs 76 tonnes and has two silo trailers is utilised in the transport sector (when it does not happen to be receiving show merits). It principally transports cement. So that the combination fits under every loading rig, it can be pneumatically lowered by up to ten centimetres. Nearly one year passed from the idea to the first test drive. It is estimated that material costs of around Euro 450,000 have been invested in the driver's dream from Helsinki. Nearly 6,000 working hours were necessary. The vehicle is driven by a 15.6-litre engine with 625 bhp.