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    Company profile

    KESKIN Europa GmbH

    The Keskin family is in the tire and wheel industry as an international company  for 25 years an international company.

    Keskin Europe GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of tires and rims. Thereby it has an extensive range of high quality products for a wide range. Through years of experience and creative applications in tires and wheels, we offer a wide range of products, which are individually adapted to vehicle types. Even for the most complicated requirements, we develop sophisticated concepts and solutions that are simple and compelling.

    We specially emphasize on functionality and design. The wishes of customers determine our actions – quality, safety, performance and functionality are important to us. Therefore, we consider all these values in the selection of our self-developed products.

    Every company is only as strong and powerful as its employees. The management art in our company allows employees to realize themselves and to enjoy their activity.

    Innovative integrated solutions perform in our home quickly to economic results. The daily challenges of creativity and interdisciplinary knowledge and communication require an open approach between management and employees, and a large degree of autonomy.

    Company policy

    The core of our corporate policy is to strive for a meaningful survival. We try a fair balance between different stakeholder interests on the one hand to take into account, on the other hand to put technological and social accents, while ensuring efficient use of resources in the entire value chain.


    Our philosophy is to always provide our customers exclusive designs in best quality. The goal is to give their car a particularly high recognition value which is based on the development of each rim.

    Product development

    All products are developed by us in Germany and meet the most strict quality standards. Our top priority is the safety of our customers.  Therefore we guarantee through our working according to DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System with continuous quality improvement and highest customer satisfaction.