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CO2 Leak Tester

CO2 Leak Tester

The STE Leak Detector is a Tester to recognize leaks between combustion chamber and the cooling system at an early stage. Such leaks
often appear while driving at high speed or when the engine has a very high temperature. These leaks may also occure only from time to
time and cannot be recognized by the usual pressure test for radiator and water hoses.
With the STE LEAK DETECTOR, it is possible to discover the smallest leak, even hours after the leak occurred.
How the STE LEAK DETECTOR method works:
Combustion gas, which enters the cooling system through a leak, will accumulate in the air cushion above the radiator water level. If this air is
analyzed with the STE LEAK DETECTOR, the blue fluid will indicate the presence of CO 2 gas by changing the color to yellow.
The unique double chamber system of the STE LEAK DETECTOR has the advantage of preventing an incorrect indication:
The first chamber acts as filter and absorber. Air and CO 2 gas can go through into the second chamber. Alkaline particles, which may also be
present in the air cushion to be analyzed, are absorbed in the first chamber and will not affect the sensitivity of the fluid in the second chamber.
The change of color to yellow in the second chamber is there fore a true indication for the presence of combustion gas (CO 2 in the radiator,
which means there is a leak

Product range

Test liquids for cylinder head leak tester – CO2 tester.

Test liquids for cylinder head leak tester – CO2 tester.

Test liquids for cylinder head leak tester – CO2 tester.

A special test liquid is required to carry out the test process. This shows a color change/reaction from the blue original color to yellow/green color, so a leak is definitely proven. An increased CO2 content in the air cushion of the test device causes this discoloration and thus proves that there is a leak.

There is a special rinsing liquid to rinse the device perfectly clean after use.

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Schleyer-Test-Equipment GmbH has been manufacturing and selling a proven and robust test system “Made in Germany” for combustion engines worldwide for decades.

With the Syncrhometer (carburetor tester), car mechanics, car restorers, hobbyists, … can quickly and easily adjust the carburetor perfectly.

A quick check of leaks between the combustion chamber and the cooling system can easily be carried out with the CO2 leak tester

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