Heidstraße 21A
DE 46149 Oberhausen

Company profile

The idea for LowMadness enstand 2012 initially from a "fan" or from a Facebook page where the conversion of my vehicle was in the foreground. A more or less crazy idea I came to a shirt to make customization for my site. Thanks to greater demands, enjoy designing and consistently positive resonance I came to several shirts to "design" and Rim involve.

Who what drives individual, wants to dress well and so are indiviuell LowMadness a sense of freedom and lifestyle that you experience when you deal so intensely with his car.

But LowMadness stands not only for engine wear, but gives the wearer the feeling of youth and a lot of freedom and is also found again in streetwear.


Mitlerweile we sell own watches, clothing, fragrance trees etc pp.

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview