Passes & tickets

Order additional exhibitor passes and parking tickets in the closed exhibitor area for your stand personell in advance. Invite your customers using our admission vouchers to make their trade fair visit much easier.


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FAQs - Set-up and dismantling passes

Does my booth builder need set-up and dismantling passes?

During set-up and dismantling, you or your stand constructor require separate set-up and dismantling passes. For this purpose, you order voucher codes in the closed exhibitor area, which can be exchanged for a free set-up and dismantling pass in the ticket store. If your stand constructor will be working at your booth during the run time, you will need to generate an exhibitor pass for them.

In this way, contact tracking is also carried out via registration in the ticket store, without exhibitors having to know the names of the individual stand builders.

Do I as an exhibitor need exhibitor passes for the set-up?

Your exhibitor season ticket is also valid during set-up and dismantling. Alternatively, you can also order free voucher codes in the closed exhibitor area, which can be exchanged for a free set-up and dismantling pass in the ticket store.

What is the cost of set-up and dismantling passes?

The voucher codes that exhibitors order, as well as the set-up and dismantling passes themselves, are free of charge.

The sale and transfer of these voucher codes to private individuals is prohibited.

I don't know the staff of my booth builder. What now?

As an exhibitor, you don't have to. You provide the trade fair construction company with any list of voucher codes. The company distributes the codes to its employees, who register independently in the ticket store.

FAQs - Invitation Codes

How can I invite my customers?

Your free online codes for inviting your customers are available in the closed exhibitor area. You can also order additional online codes in the closed exhibitor area.

The voucher codes can either be downloaded as an Excel file, sent directly to your customers by e-mail via the online shop or saved as a PDF and printed out. Your customers will then redeem the voucher codes in the Online Ticket Shop for an admission ticket. The voucher code alone is not sufficient to gain access to the trade fair. It must be exchanged online for an admission ticket. Unfortunately, this is not possible on site.

After the trade fair, you will be invoiced for the voucher codes which exceed your free contingent and were used to enter the trade fair.

If you have not received or misplaced your access data, please contact our support team:

Phone: +49 (0) 201 3101 1870

What do invitation codes cost?

Invitation codes for day tickets to the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW 2019 cost € 7.56 net.

Invitation codes for the preview day will be invoiced at € 10.92 net.

Do I have to pay for all invitation codes I have ordered?

No, after the fair you will only be charged for the redeemed invitation codes that were used to enter the fair. Nevertheless, we will show you the total price when you place your order.

The online shop will show you which invitation code was redeemed by whom.

What happens if a customer doesn't come?

The voucher code will only be invoiced to you if it has been exchanged for a ticket and this ticket has been used to enter the fair.

How can the customer redeem the voucher code?

Your customer can redeem the invitation code in the online ticket shop. Via e-mail dispatch in the closed exhibitor area, the ticket shop is linked directly at dispatch so that your customer can redeem the voucher code immediately.

Can the code be redeemed at the box office?

No, invitation codes can only be redeemed in the online ticket shop.

Can I still buy paper vouchers?

Paper vouchers can no longer be ordered with immediate effect. However, you can create a PDF file in the closed exhibitor area and print it out if you want to present the voucher codes to your customers personally.

Can I still change the exhibitor passes (on site) and if so, where?

Yes, in the online shop you can see who redeemed your invitation codes and entered the trade fair.

Do I get an evaluation?

You can download an Excel evaluation directly from the online shop that shows you who redeemed your invitation codes and if and when the codes were used to enter the trade fair.

When do I pay the invitation codes?

The redeemed invitation codes will be invoiced to you together with the other services after the event.