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The 2 series Coupé G42

The AC Schnitzer special accessories range for the 2 series Coupé G42 includes:

- performance upgrade M240i: 420 HP / 600 NM
- exhaust
- wheels
- suspension
- aerodynamic parts
- interior


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The 2nd generation of the 2-series Coupé by AC Schnitzer at the Essen Motor Show 2022: A comprehensive tuning program ensures high performance in the anniversary year and beyond
Photographer: AC Schnitzer
The 2nd generation of the 2-series Coupé by AC Schnitzer at the Essen Motor Show 2022: A comprehensive tuning program ensures high performance in the anniversary year and beyond
Photographer: AC Schnitzer
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AC Schnitzer

From motorsport to the road – for 35 years, we've opened the door to superior vehicle technology for committed BMW drivers. Step beyond the M-series to AC Schnitzer and discover custom-designed components for those very special driving moments. This exclusive form of automotive driving dynamics is combined with unrestricted suitability for everyday use and surprising efficiency.

Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer

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2er Coupé G42 by AC Schnitzer

2er Coupé G42 by AC Schnitzer

The 2nd generation of the 2-series Coupé by AC Schnitzer at the Essen Motor Show
2022: A comprehensive tuning program ensures high performance in the anniversary
year and beyond
The tuners from Aachen know: For some BMW customers it can't be sporty enough. This is particularly true of the
BMW 2 series Coupé (G42), already sporty at standard which has been equipped with an individual AC Schnitzer
special accessories program and can now be admired live for the first time as the 2 series by AC Schnitzer at the
Essen Motor Show in Hall 7. This year, the world's largest tuning fair will take place from 02 - 11.12.2022 and at the
same time the show is also almost the conclusion of the 35th anniversary of AC Schnitzer.
An AC Schnitzer performance upgrade is already available for the M240i and M240i xDrive, which raises the
standard output from 275 kW/374 HP and 500 Nm to 309 kW/420 HP and 600 Nm. Part of the scope of supply for
the performance upgrade is also in this case the AC Schnitzer obligatory assembly guarantee. It provides the
necessary security.
The AC Schnitzer engine optics can be ordered as an option, which also sets the engine compartment apart from
the rest of the 2 series.
The AC Schnitzer stainless steel exhaust with two "Carbon Sport" tailpipes each in right/left combination (4 pieces
in total) ensures that the brilliant appearance does not go unnoticed acoustically.
For pure visual enhancement, the tuning experts also offer the "Carbon Sport" or "Sport" tailpipes chrome-plated or
There is only one point where the Aachen based tuner goes “low”: The spring kit and sports suspension in the AC
Schnitzer version come off the lifting platform with a lowering of approx. 20 - 25 mm. In this case, however, less is
more: in terms of cornering comfort and road holding, the 2 series Coupé by AC Schnitzer should be right up there.
This is not least thanks to the aerodynamic components, which also set visual accents. The front splitter (for
vehicles with M aerodynamics package SA 715), which increases the downforce values at the front axle, can be
used with its matt black surface without further painting.
At the rear of the vehicle, a rear roof spoiler and the brand new two-piece rear spoiler ensure the aerodynamic
balance of the 2 series G42. Developed according to the principle "Form follows Function", the AC Schnitzer
aerodynamic components primarily improve handling and provide improved downforce and additional grip.
The AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil is a complementary and practical conversion: it protects the boot sill
against scratches and other signs of usage.
The "35 Years Upgrade Edition" for the BMW 2 series rounds off the visual appearance: this gives the 2 series by
AC Schnitzer a black high-gloss finish on the front splitter and three "35 Years" anniversary emblems in black or
silver for the rear and rear side panels.


Also beyond standard is the diverse range of AC Schnitzer wheel sets available for the 2 series Coupé: both the
weight-optimised AC4 Flow Forming Wheels (BiColor Silver/Black or Black) in 8.5J x 20" with 245/30 R 20 on the
front axle and 255/30 R 20 on the rear axle and AC1 Alloy Wheels in BiColor or Anthracite in the same dimension
provide an unmistakable and sporty look and the necessary ground contact. Those who like it a size smaller can
also install the AC1 rims in 19".
As a useful addition to the special parts range, spacers are also offered for the 2 series G42, which can be used to
upgrade any wheel/tyre combination offered by BMW, as they are positioned 12 mm further out on each side. This
improves lateral support, which in turn improves driving stability and dynamics.
The interior design is also stylish and functional. The AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel is "THE" control element
which allows you to take control for every driving situation The steering wheel rim of the steering wheel in a fine
material mix of perforated nappa leather in black with black Alcantara is joined into one unit by a light grey crossstitch
seam. With recessed grips on the right and left for the driver's thumbs and the light grey motorsport indicator
with AC Schnitzer logo for centre marking, orientation of the current steering wheel position is ensured.
The combination with the AC Schnitzer aluminium gearshift paddles, which are noticeably larger than their
standard counterparts, is a further sensible optimisation.
Aluminium pedals and a footrest, keyholder and the aluminium cover for the iDrive Controller are available when it
comes to adapting the interior of the vehicle to its performance and sporty elegance.
All good things come in threes? In our case it’s two, because the second generation of the 2 series by AC
Schnitzer once again combines all the characteristics for which tuning by AC Schnitzer from Aachen stands:
absolute suitability for everyday use with pleasant comfort on the one hand and a high degree of sportiness on the
other, which make the 2 series by AC Schnitzer just as much a curve-loving sports car suitable for the racetrack.

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For 35 years, we at AC Schnitzer have opened the door to superior vehicle technology from motorsport for committed BMW, MINI and Toyota drivers. Free from the compromises of mass production, we develop custom components which meet the highest standards of perfection. At AC Schnitzer, this exclusive dimension of dynamic driving pleasure is seamlessly combined with the unrestricted suitability for everyday use provided by series production, ensuring maximum efficiency of resources.

Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer


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