Maybachstr. 3
DE 63322 Rödermark

Company profile

In the year of 1968, the company "Bilas Carburetor Technology" was brought to life, back then in Frankfurt am Main. In the course of an over 40-year existence, the company developed to the market- leading producer of TÜV- tested double carburetor systems.

Because of the increasing demands regarding environment protection, the successor of the double carburetor, the individual throttle injector system from the race sport, was made suitable for the streets. In the course of modernization, the company's name was changed to "dbilas dynamic", and today it is THE producer of individual throttle injector systems and special intake manifolds.

To round off the selection of products, dbilas also produces camshafts and all other valve gear components themselves.

dbilas has its own test rig (also for four wheel drive), flow test rig and exhaust analysis laboratory. The exhaust analysis laboratory enables dbilas to measure exhaust emission according to the newest standards, preparing vehicles for the German TÜV.

dbilas also produces small parts for the automobile industry, which are built into the standard vehicles. This also speaks for the competence and experience in production of performance increasing engine equipment.

The characteristic part about dbilas dynamic is, that besides good functuality, great importance is attached to an attractive design.