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1st place: Bundle - PowerControl X and PedalBox+.
2nd place: PowerControl X
3rd-5th place: PedalBox+

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Product range

PedalBox: Better acceleration and more driving fun

PedalBox: Better acceleration and more driving fun

The PedalBox is the original throttle response controller from DTE Systems and is now available with smartphone app. The pedal tuning improves acceleration by up to +10% for all vehicles with electronic accelerator pedal – no matter if petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric engines. With the PedalBox app, the throttle controller can be operated, preset and updated via app.

Product range

PowerControl: More performance for your vehicle

PowerControl: More performance for your vehicle

With the performance chip PowerControl and an innovative technology platform, all engines can be optimized for the first time - from common-rail diesels to turbocharged petrol engines, hybrids, and the latest bi-turbo hybrids with analog and digital SENT technology. With PowerControl, performance gains of up to 30% more horsepower and torque are possible. The tuning box PowerControl has its own Efficiency mode, which saves up to 15% fuel. Using the PowerControl app, the module can also be operated and preset via the user's own smartphone. A special highlight of the PowerControl app is the performance instruments, which display all relevant engine performance data live.

Company news

Save fuel, save money and gain driving fun

Save fuel, save money and gain driving fun

DTE Systems chiptuning allows fuel-savings of up to 15% and power-gains of up to 30 %

With the PowerControl, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15 %. The performance module can achieve a fuel-saving of up to 2 liters per 100 km, which already saves up to €384 per 10,000 km* at an average fuel price of €1.924.

The lower consumption is achieved through the "Efficiency" eco-driving program, which optimizes the most important engine parameters in terms of consumption and optimally matches them to one another. The main savings-potential lies in the optimized torque. This is because full power is available even at low engine speeds,
which makes it possible to change gears earlier and save fuel as well as money by driving in low gears.

This does not mean the vehicle has less power: Since the eco-tuning optimizes all relevant parameters for the fuel-air mixture, it makes a more effective combustion possible while the performance of the vehicle remains the same and, depending on the vehicle, can even improve in Efficiency Mode.

Therefore, the car saves fuel and the driver money without limiting driving pleasure. At the same time, even more power and driving-pleasure is available at any time by simply switching to Dynamic or Sport Modes.


*Data based on Autobild test (NR.6/2022) in a Golf 8 R 2.0-liter R4/16 with 320 hp, consumption 7.0 liters. A premium price of EUR 1.924 per liter was assumed for the calculation of fuel costs. Source: Germany, Federal Statistical Office


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Company profile

DTE Systems has been developing, producing and selling performance enhancements for cars, trucks and tractors for 25 years. The company is based in Recklinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany.

The first DTE product line is the PowerControl family. PowerControl increases engine performance by up to +30% and reduces consumption by up to -15%. All this is made possible by the hardware, which is individually tuned to the specific vehicles by DTE developers and engineers.

The second DTE line is the PedalBox: The throttle response controller is available for all passenger cars with electronic accelerator pedal. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of the throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement in acceleration and promises sportier starting and overtaking.

Thanks to in-house cable manufacturing and module production, all customers can rely on a quick production process, enabling DTE to stay flexible fulfilling the highest quality standards. DTE Systems is therefore in a position to develop specific optimizations for a wide range of engine types.

At the same time, consistently high quality "Made in Germany", competent technical support and installation service are guaranteed. DTE Systems is a member of the Association of German Automobile Tuners and is certified by TÜV Austria.

Internationally, DTE continues to expand since its foundation: through a strong dealer network, its products are currently represented in over 70 countries. Globally, its main markets are in Germany, Europe and USA.