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Stand out from the Crowd!

Why? Well, we believe that every person is unique and that the interest in cars is more than just a "hobby." It's a passion we all share, one that tells more about us. The car is as individual as you are! How do we make a car unique? First and foremost, we strive to offer you products that you can largely install and use yourself. Where possible, we try to provide a large variety so that you have the maximum customization options.

We're happy to give you tips because we use our products ourselves and customize our vehicles. If you still don't feel confident doing it yourself, we're sure you have friends who love to tinker, as we are ultimately one big family! If all else fails, we're also happy to recommend one of our partner workshops.

Whether it's interior lighting, our EL ambient lighting, our ambitrim® ambient lighting and starry sky, the indivitara® fabric with or without Honeycomb or Diamond design, with or without real seams, custom steering wheels, our sudworx® care products, scent cans, classic air fresheners, air scoops, spoiler lips, paddle shifters, and more.

We help you make your car unique because one thing is for sure, anyone can have a factory-standard car!