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NL 3261 NH Oud-Beijerland

Company profile

KONI is a market leader in suspension technology. KONI have provided customers with shock absorbers for 90 years, ensuring a comfortable, safe and sustainable driving experience in any vehicle, across any terrain.

KONI was founded in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands, by A. de Koning. Initially making leather equipment for horses, KONI did not make shock absorbers until the early 1930s when they started work on friction type shock absorbers. In 1945 KONI produced the first adjustable telescopic shock absorbers for cars and trucks, a product style which is synonymous with KONI.

Known for a proud and successful history in motor sports, KONI has worked with leading teams across rally and racing, including winning Grand Prix World Championships, to solve suspension problems and develop new innovative technologies.

KONI has developed from a skilled small local company into a multi-national leading shock absorber specialist, well known across the world. Since 1972, KONI has been a part of ITT (ITT: NYSE), a global diversified industrial company. ITT is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, customised solutions for the energy, transportation and industrial markets.

KONI is recognised globally as an intelligent company developing suspension solutions unique for every application. KONI develops products for all types of applications, including, street cars, race cars, four-wheel drive vehicles and SUVs, bus, truck, train and even bridges and other industrial applications. These products are used from the street to the track, the freezing North Pole and the dry Sahara desert.

KONI shock absorbers are developed without any compromise to quality and durability and fulfil the highest requirements for comfort, safety and vehicle (handling) performance. Innovations continue to drive the company forward with the patented mechanical technology, the FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) or KONI ACTIVE, the latest innovation leading all competitors for the ultimate driving experience in comfort and road-holding.