Astfelder Str. 9
DE 38640 Goslar
Mr. Stefan Herwig

Company profile

LOCKSTOFF. are new interpreted scents for your car. You can choose between 10 different fragrances. The advantage of LOCKSTOFF. is, that you decide the intensity of the scent. For a subtle effect spray 3-6 times, and to intensify you spray more depending on your individual wish. 

We've tested LOCKSTOFF. meticulously for material compatibility, so the mist will leave no stains on your seats or fittings, if you use it correctly.

LOCKSTOFF. is an environmental friendly and sustainably produced product. All packaging is almost completely made out of recycled materials, which are climate neutrally printed.

LOCKSTOFF. is 100% made in Germany. All raw materials from our suppliers in Germany are processed, packed up and made ready for sales in Goslar. We plan to work with Lebenshilfe Goslar (a company that provides disabled people with work). We will donate 1€ extra for each sold bottle of LOCKSTOFF. to them.

2018 is when Stefan Herwig (CEO) first had the idea of LOCKSTOFF., but it didn't become a serious idea until after a couple of beers with Yannik Altmann (Head of Marketing). That's when they decided to actually go through with the project.

Since the launch in December 2020, LOCKSTOFF. has already been sold in 6 european countries (i.e. Austria and Switzerland).

We aim to build a company, that shows that high quality and sustainability can go hand in hand.