Vömmelbach 53
DE 58553 Halver
Mr. Rolf Krepschik

Company profile

 As a racing organizer, we offer owners or teams of touring cars and GT vehicles a field of activity in the Special Touring Car Trophy, STT for short. The STT championship will be held in at least 3 training sessions and 2 races over 6-7 weekends. Five racing events, almost exclusively at the ADAC Racing Weekends, take place in Germany and two in neighboring countries. All races are streamed live and broadcast on the well-known ADAC and STT YouTube channels. 

ll drivers with a national A license or International D for racing vehicles with a power-to-weight ratio of more than 3.0 kg/hp are eligible to start, under this brand at least International C or higher! Driving is in 3 divisions. The classification is based on the "power-to-weight ratio" principle (unladen vehicle weight : engine power in hp) Further information at: www.stt-motorsport.de/Reglement. 40% (rounded up) of each division will be honored on the podium after each race. At the end of the year there is a big championship celebration with further awards and a raffle.

The STT stands for mass sport and has been present under the same name in German motorsport for more than 37 years!