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Products and innovations

Rim collection

The company Unicate Car Manufaktur, a tuning specialist for Mercedes Benz and AMG models, presents its new rim collection.

For youngtimers and classic vehicles
Areo Classic and Plate Classic in 17 and 18 inches

For current vehicles
Plate One Monoblock Forged and Plate One 3 Pice Forged 19 inches to 23 inches

Multispoke 24/36/40 monoblock in 20 inches | 21 inches | 22 inches

Company profile

Unicate Car Manufaktur is the tuning specialist for Mercedes Benz and AMG models.

Light alloy wheels, chassis, exhaust systems, interior fittings and much more are produced especially for Mercedes Benz Youngtimer vehicles.

The Unicate Wheels rim label mainly covers Mercedes & AMG vehicles of the new and old generations.