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More than just a car fragrance

More than just a car fragrance

Zapicon has set itself the goal of reinventing car fragrances. Why choose between long-lasting, stylish and sustainable when you can have it all together? Zapicon combines precisely these three aspects in a single product.

A fragrance wood made of real wood is inserted into a holder made of durable silicone. Openings on the back of the silicone allow the airflow to reach the wood directly, releasing the scent into the car. The strength of the air flow allows you to regulate how strongly the fragrance is distributed in your car.

To offer you the greatest flexibility, the Zapicon holder is available in four different colors (black, grey, blue, pink) and there are nine different scents. So there is a suitable combo for every car lover.

Choose against one-off fragrances that have a short lifespan, dangle nerively from the mirror and don't look good.


Convince yourself and visit us in Hall 6 (6F08)!

Company profile

At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming more and more important, Zapicon presents a sustainable and stylish solution for all car lovers. We are proud to offer car fragrances that not only enrich your driving experience, but also make your car's interior more sustainable and elegant.

Our mission is to transform the car fragrance market by offering products that are made from sustainable, durable and reusable materials while providing an unparalleled fragrance experience. Our fragrances are not only pleasant and long-lasting, but also stylish and unobtrusive.

Each fragrance creates a unique ambiance in your car. From refreshing citrus notes to soothing woodsy aromas, we have something for everyone.

But Zapicon isn't just about fragrances. It's about a vision. A vision towards more conscious consumption, towards products that have a positive impact not only on us, but also on our environment. Every car fragrance purchased from Zapicon not only contributes to a better scent in the interior of your car, but also to more sustainability in our everyday lives, as every purchase is a conscious decision against fragrance hangers. Not only do these have a short shelf life and are not reusable, but they are also a huge nuisance by hanging from the rear view mirror.

Visit us at the Essen Motorshow 2023 to discover our collection of sustainable car fragrances and become part of our mission. Together we can make a decisive step towards stylish and sustainable car fragrances! After all, why choose between the two when you can have both at the same time?