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The most powerful Toyota Supra MK5 close to 800 hp

The most powerful Toyota Supra MK5 close to 800 hp

In cooperation with the tuning forge "Dreihundert" from Dresden, TurboZentrum presents the world's strongest road-legal Toyota Supra MK5, a yellow beast with endless power.

Without further tuning, the fifth generation of the Toyota Supra (A90) delivers 340 hp. However, the fact that the in-line six-cylinder from BMW installed in the new Supra is capable of much more is impressively demonstrated by the Dresden tuning company "Dreihundert" at the TurboZentrum booth: In its current configuration, the car has almost 800 hp and 900 Nm.

A yellow beast
781: This is the number of horses galloping under the hood of the yellow beast on the test stand according to the measurement. The tuners achieved the increase in performance through numerous modifications to the engine. The centerpiece of the performance increase is a BorgWarner EFR 8474 turbocharger with aluminum basic unit, internal wastegate and electronic boost pressure control. The compression ratio was reduced to 10.4:1 by piston machining and the cylinder head was also revised.

Of course, extensive modifications were also made to the powertrain. The crank drive of the Toyota was precision-balanced, the oil gallery of the crankshaft modified. In the area of the exhaust casing, stainless steel manifold and downpipe, the tuner relies on effective thermal insulation. Other modifications include more stable H-shaft connecting rods, an Aquamist water-methanol injection system and a KW V3 coilover suspension. Additionally, a PureBoost software was implemented.

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Bare metal instead of naked skin: TurboZentrum shows a slightly different tuning calendar

Bare metal instead of naked skin: TurboZentrum shows a slightly different tuning calendar

Photographs of barely dressed ladies are considered an integral part of tuning calendars. But TurboZentrum proves that there is another way, with its own Performance calendar. It's all about bare metal instead of bare skin. The aim is to focus on the technology behind the tuning.

In January, an attractive woman with hot pants lolls on the hood of a fantastically tuned car. In February, a lady, who is also dressed in a scarce outfit, sets the scene for the rear of another speedster. It's like this until December. This simple but successful concept runs like a red thread through classic tuning calendars. However, TurboZentrum is taking a completely different approach.

No nudes for dudes

Instead of focusing on female beauties, TurboZentrum puts the essential components of performance tuning in the right light in its tuning calendar. Each month it is a different component from the product range, whose very own aesthetics are accentuated in a special way by the performance supplier.

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Xona Rotor - turbocharger in perfection

Xona Rotor - turbocharger in perfection

Innovation and best quality. These two attributes describe Xona Rotor turbochargers perfectly. With the new XR series, the company is setting standards in the performance sector. Interested tuning fans can get advice on the various innovations, advantages and possible applications at the TurboZentrum booth (Hall 03; Booth 3A33).

Unique features of the Xona Rotor turbochargers include the new second-generation UHF turbine wheels (from 2019), the unique ball bearing system with variable preload and the dual piston ring system at both ends of the exhaust wheel. One of the quality features of Xona Rotor's XR series is the completely CNC-manufactured, high-strength stainless steel basic unit, which has extended water channels and is 100% made in the USA.

Innovations from Xona Rotor by TiAL Sport

The designation UHF stands for "Ultra High Flow". The patent-pending splitter-blade design allows fine-tuning of the blade load: its high efficiency corresponds to that of a turbine with many blades, while the "swallowing capacity" is as generous as that of a turbine with a small number of blades. Xona is particularly proud of its unique ball bearing system with variable preload. This preload system maintains the ideal preload in any situation, minimizing the negative effects (increased wear and shortened service life) caused by the pressures acting on the turbine and compressor wheels when the preload is too high or too low.

None of this comes by chance. Every Xona Rotor turbocharger contains the know-how of TiAL Sport, whereby Xona - unlike many other manufacturers - develops its compressors, exhaust wheels and bearings completely in-house. From now on, interested parties can order the XR series in three sizes (X2C, X3C, X4C) and various variants from TurboZentrum.

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Become one with the street - Ultra Racing Performance Parts at the TurboZentrum booth

The renowned company Ultra Racing is the right address in the search for improvements in driving dynamics. At the Essen Motor Show 2019, visitors to the TurboZentrum stand (Hall 03; Booth 3A33) will find out everything about the product portfolio, which includes a wide range of chassis and body struts.

Dome struts, stabilizers and various reinforcing struts for the interior and the body frame are Ultra Racing's specialty. Thanks to the wide selection, improving driving dynamics is an easy task. Increased grip when cornering fast does not only mean faster lap times, but also gives you a significant increase in safety.

Original parts from the German distributor

Ultra Racing chassis and body struts are popular with tuners and motorsport enthusiasts alike. Due to this popularity there are many cheap counterfeits in circulation worldwide. The differences in quality are so serious that not only the desired performance is missing, but such counterfeits can even pose a safety risk.

It is the outstanding quality that speaks for Ultra Racing stiffeners and stabilizers. By using specially hardened steel, the manufacturer promises a lifetime warranty on its parts.

TurboZentrum is the exclusive German distributor for Ultra Racing. You can be sure to get only original parts in best quality there.

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Athena racing cylinder headgaskets - highest quality for highest performance needs

Athena racing cylinder headgaskets - highest quality for highest performance needs

Performance tuners know: The cylinder head gasket is a complex and critical technological component, choosing a high-quality gasket is the basis for a durable engine. At the TurboZentrum booth (Hall 03; Booth 3A33), visitors to Motor Show Essen 2019 can learn about the various advantages of Athena gaskets.

Especially Athena's multi-layer head gaskets enjoy an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. They are made of high-quality, asbestos-free stainless steel (M0115) and extremely elastic storage layers. The three- to five-layer gaskets are available in several material thicknesses for various requirement profiles. Each layer is cut individually using state-of-the-art laser technology. Silicone beading at critical points improves the sealing of all water and oil cooling channels.

Seals in OEM quality (alternative: Tight. Tighter. Athena.)

Athena's MLS (MultiLayerSteel) gaskets have been specially developed to cope with the increasing cylinder pressures and temperatures of modern engines. In order to meet all current market requirements, Athena carries out careful checks on the cylinder head gaskets during the design phase and on the test bench. The gaskets are suitable for engines with cast cylinder blocks and aluminum cylinder heads as well as for engines with aluminum cylinder blocks and aluminum cylinder heads. This is one of the reasons why many automobile manufacturers use Athena gaskets as original equipment.

Athena MLS gaskets are available directly from TurboZentrum. They are supplied with separate stainless steel rings (AISI 304), which ensure maximum sealing around the cylinder bore even in engines with NOS injection or turbocharging with more than 2 bar boost. No machining of the cylinder heads or engine block is required.

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Hyundai i30N: TurboZentrum with Stage 3+ Upgrade Kit at Essen Motor Show 2019

Hyundai i30N: TurboZentrum with Stage 3+ Upgrade Kit at Essen Motor Show 2019

Great news for fans of the Hyundai i30N: TurboZentrum presents its Stage 3+ Upgrade Kit for the Golf competitor at the Motor Show Essen 2019. The performance package ranges from the powerful, optimized turbocharger to the matching clutch and thus offers everything enthusiasts need for the conversion of their compact South Korean fun car.

Tuning enthusiasts who own a Hyundai i30N should definitely plan to visit the TurboZentrum booth (Hall 03, Booth 3A33). The specialists for performance parts offer interested vehicle owners a complete setup, which makes the crisp compact sports car really sharp.

Would you like some more?

The heart of the most powerful performance kit for the Hyundai i30N is of course the Stage 3+ optimized turbocharger with CNC-manufactured compressor wheel, larger exhaust shaft and special bearings. In addition, there is the company's own OEM Upgrade silicone intake including a specially milled intake manifold, 89mm downpipe from HJS and an Upgrade Wagner intercooler. To enjoy the full Stage 3+ performance, you also need water-methanol injection, a Sachs motorsport clutch and a sports air filter.

With the complete Stage 3+ setup, over 400 hp can be easily achieved. All components required for the Stage 3+ Upgrade Kit for the Hyundai i30N can be ordered immediately from TurboZentrum.

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The TurboZentrum is the first adress if you are looking for egine performance parts. The core business is turbochargers, which will be modified in-house to increase performance and durability.